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Welcome To Our World

60 years experience in the marketplace

Welcome To Our World

60 years experience in the marketplace

SCHLÄFER, the values you are looking for

Welcome to Our World

Welcome to Our World

Welcome To Our World

Welcome To Our World

Welcome To Our World


Using creativity and flair to take our and your ideas and make them reality.


To consistently deiliver good quality and performance to our customers.


Offering our clients a degree of excellence in both our products and our services.


Our intrest and zeal for both our products and our clients.


Always on the look out for new technological innovations.


We take our duty to our customers and to our enviroment seriously at all times.

Our Business Divisions


For over sixty years, Schläfer has been in the German plumbing and heating market, producing and selling hydraulic products. Schläfer offers a wide varity of articles required for plumbing and heating plus spare parts. We are able to satisfy all kinds of needs, from the DIYer to the specialist.


Schläfer operates in Europe with the belief that everyone’s future will depend on energy-saving systems. With that aim in mind, we want to contribute to the development of this sector and have created a new business division that deals with the lastest technology in renewable energy systems. 


Schläfer wishes to tap into the incredibly vast e-market through an on-line store. The goods on offer will be the same as our our traditional stores, however, clients will be able to accesed it day and night. Customers can also utilise it to review our products and specifications.

Our products, quality you can see

Changing  Lives

To us at Schläfer, quality is the ability of our products and services to consistently meet and exceed our customers requirements and expectations.

We implement quality control at all levels- from design through to production and onto our service.

The power of our technology

Living with Intent

At Schläfer, we are focused on not harming the environment and promoting Green Living.

We aim to use items that cause minimal environmental harm and lessen our carbon footprint as much as possibile.

Work with us, try ityou’ll like it!

On-line soon

Our web sites.


View all our products, specifications, tips, ideas and more. Since 60  years.


View our new division which covers all types of energy saving technologies.

Make your projets a reality with us



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